What if…

you yourself could check food quality?

Organic Carrots. Carrot Growing Closeup

We are what we eat

Rambox consists of specialists in metrology, laser spectroscopy, biotechnology and data analysis.

We create innovative measuring methods because we care about the production of healthy and safe food. Increased availability of tests, guarantees the highest level of security.

Experts in spectroscopy

Aware consumers expect food with high quality parameters, good taste and culinary values.

We use the SERS method and our own measuring substrates with excellent chemical selectivity and high measurement sensitivity, to detect very low concentrations of unwanted substances in agricultural products.


Rambox - a box for special tasks

We are changing the food quality management. Rambox controls the content of pesticides in vegetables and fruits on production site. Thanks to its small size, it can be taken to the field or warehouse.

The system is addressed to all who want to test the quality of agricultural products, as well as optimize the testing time and costs. On-field pesticide testing (even before harvest) makes better production, processing and logistics management possible.


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