Business profile

The company operates in the research and development industry as a manufacturer of devices for identifying the chemical composition of the sample. Diagnostics of the chemical composition of the material based on Raman spectroscopy are first used to control agricultural production quality. The team of Rambox Ltd. is formed by specialists in biotechnology, chemistry and metrology.

Our mission

We are consumers and we are increasingly more concerned about the food and drinking water quality we consume. We create new technology because we want to influence the production of healthy and safe food. We believe that our solution will change the food quality management.

The founders' dream is healthy and safe food

We operate locally, but we think globally. Greater research availability means better control over the sustainable use of pesticides in agriculture. With our technology, the production logistic changes, the processing food costs decrease. This is a saving, not only for the manufacturer, but also a step towards environmental protection.

Rambox team

Rambox is an interdisciplinary and motivated team. We are doctors and engineers, specialists in optoelectronics, Raman spectroscopy and signal analysis. Together, we have knowledge in metrology, biotechnology, programming and neural networks. Each of us has a lot of experience in working on R&D projects, including the development of diagnostic devices and optical measurement methods.


Natalia Markiewicz


Maciej_Wrobel3-kopia 2

Dr Engr. Maciej Wróbel

Head of R&D

Katarzyna_Karpienko 2-kopia

Dr Engr. Katarzyna Karpienko

Head of the laboratory


Dr Engr. Piotr Ciskowski

Data analyst

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